The Bikes are arriving!

We were so excited to stop by the 2019 Toy Shop this afternoon to see that the bikes have started to arrive! They come in on big pallets from Huffy and the volunteers load them into the toy shop while they await to be assembled! Such an exciting step – but we still need your help! We still need to raise money for more than half the bikes we want to give away this year!

Here is where you come in- please go to and donate today! $85 covers the cost of a new bike and helmet for a child! Every dollar counts as 100% of the donations go toward the bikes and the children! Thanks for all you do to help us continue to pedal joy to area children!

About jennnowalk

Jenn Nowalk is a co-founder of Triangle Spokes Group. She is a working mother of two girls who love riding their bikes and fondly remembers the joy her own bike brought her growing up. She believes that every child should be able to experience the joy a new bike brings.


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